1. Are you rescheduling or registering for long term lessons? 

2. For rescheduling, check the date you would like.

3. Click the Select All box when registering for long term lessons.

4. No Long Term Commitment, Cancel Anytime.  (Canceling your lesson)

​​​Register or Reschedule a Lesson

Click HERE for Canceling Your Lesson

Tips:  My Music Staff Website

*Please register 24 hours in advance to help our teachers schedule their day.

 1. Make sure you are on the calendar page.  

2. Then click the date and lesson you would like to register.

3. Click ✅ Register button.


Text me (971-304-4255) if you need a password or to reset your password.​

 1. When ready, click the green OK button.

2. You are now registered for that lesson slot.  

(If you clicked Select All, all dates would be registered.)

3. I will receive an email and contact you by

text to confirm your lesson day(s), time(s) and teacher.

4. Contact me anytime by text (971) 304-4255