theory by using any music, from the most popular song on the radio to a Bach cello suite.


It's your time to SHINE

instrument. After teaching private piano and voice for 30 years I know that enthusiasm is our greatest asset, after musical knowledge. Our Rising Star teachers are full of youth, vibrancy and passion for music. Keith and I use our experience, confidence and connections to make it possible for them to put their talent to good use and to let them shine.


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​​​​​​My vision for Rising Star Studios came from the fact that many brilliant musicians work minimum wage jobs while they attend college or wait for their big break as recording artists. I saw this gold mine of talent and I wanted to unite them with students who are just beginning to learn an 

Our goal for the studio is to create an atmosphere of encouragement, grace and patience. We use inspiration as our greatest tool to create and keep the interest of the student. We do this by teaching them the musical genre that they love. We believe we can teach sight-reading sheet music, chords, playing by ear and